Android Wear 2.0 New Smartwatch from Google to Bring New Feature

Android Wear 2.0 is the next generation of Android Wear by Google that has new feature. One of the hottest is it doesn’t require paired phone nearby it to active.

Google are continuing to expanse their technology. Not only smartphone, today smartwatch is also available from Google. To compete with Apple smartwatch, they create something new smartwatch called Android Wear 2.0. Actually, it is the next series of Android Wear. What does the second series of Android Wear offer to us? Actually, they offer some new features that we can’t find in the previous series. Google has announced some new features will be applied on their new platform.

New User Interface
The most viewable of this new Android Wear must be the new UI. This new User Interface displays darker color than the previous edition. It would make the users more comfortable. Moreover, they will also renew the notification that will be expander. Finally, they also use high material to design this wearable. Overall, the new Android Wear will be more awesome than before.

Standalone Apps
Before the Android Wear 2.0, the previous series of Android Wear require another device to active. So, you must handle your smartphone (whether Android or iOS based) to active the function of the smartwatch. In this new series, it can work alone without any supporting device. So, you can use it even when you didn’t hand your phone. Moreover, it has Google Play. It means you don’t need your phone to open PlayStore then to download some apps. It also has direct access to cloud, something that the previous series of Android Wear cannot provide.

New Messaging Feature
This New Android Wear makes your life easier. To support the messaging activity, this new smartwatch is applied with new input of writing method. It includes keyboard, handwriting, 3rd party IMEs and smart reply. Those easy messaging system will you get from one Google wearable device.

Besides those abilities, this new smartwatch from Google will provide some apps that make your life healthier. They complete the new Android Wear with Watch Face that is able to show data from any app. Moreover, this wearable can also recognize your activity and data API automatically by Google Fit platform.

After all it must be price to purchase the Android Wear 2.0. There are some companies that will produce this new generation of Google Wearable. They are Huawei, Motorola, Fossil, Tag Heuer, Asus and LG. Those companies were producers of previous generation of Android Wear. Maybe the company that will to produce this device can increase. The price may around $200 depend on the features offered by each company.
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