Best Android Apps to Help Your Active Activities

Best Android Apps in the world based on its function defines Whatsapp, Instagram, and Google Maps as must-have applications.

There are thousands of apps available in Google Play that you can download. The companies and startups create Android apps to get your life better and easier. Those apps could be free or paid. But, you cannot justify the best app in android based on its price. Even a free app can be the best than other. There must be some measurements to rate the apps become bad or good. They could be the function, performance, appearance, and even the uniqueness. Based on some Best Android Apps, I will tell you some of them classified based on its category. Let’s find out!

Instant Message
One of the most important functions of Android phone is for message. People often call it messenger, instant message or chatting apps. There are many apps in Play Store offered by big companies to provide best experience of messenger. To be honest, to name one of the best is very difficult. It could be relative for everyone. But, based on its complete function, easy to use, and of course free, Whatsapp is front of other messengers. It has complete features of an instant messenger such as real-time chatting, free voice call and video call. It is also proven by the users numbering more than 1 billion users and counting.

Every smartphone cannot be separated with social media. Anyone who has smartphone must have at least an account of social media. To say what is the Best Android Apps will be difficult. Twitter and Facebook are two giant and those are born earlier than other. Lately, Instagram become the most popular one in the world. The app to share moment with photo and videos is loved by Android users for more than 500 million.

Recently, people like to download navigation apps. It becomes important to help people find a location faster.  Some startups provide apps that available to download in the Google Play. Maybe there are three of navigation apps that popular in the world. Those are Google Maps, Waze, and Here WeGo. Those apps help the user by providing information about locations such as restaurants, gas stations, parks, office buildings, roads, and many more.

Cloud Storage
Talking about Best Android Apps today must notice the cloud storage. Some devices have too small storage to store the data and files. Moreover, today’s activity need more storage because people like to save thousands photos and videos. Cloud storage like Google Drive is required to save date much more and safer too.
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