Google Android One $200 Smartphones To Hit US Markets Soon

After an effective launch in the emerging markets of Pakistan and Indiana, Google is set to release its Google Android One mid-level mobile phone in the United States. Inning accordance with records, the fantastic reception that the Android One received in the Asian countries prompted Google to gamble on a release of the mid-level smart device in United States market.

Though no details have actually been made regarding exactly what third party producers will certainly handle the manufacturing side of the Google Android One Job, still the gutsy relocation from the internet search engine company might spark the beginning of the future generation of mobile phones in the USA.

According to reports, Google could have a difficult time introducing the Android One mid-level smart devices in the United States market this despite the inexpensive price of $200. The success that the affordable smartphone units have in the various markets could not completely translate to success in the United States.

US market is a totally different beast. Unlike the budget plan aware smart device market in Eastern nations, US consumers tend to look for feature as well as features more to the point of overlooking the high price. Likewise, media marketing plays a great component to the success of products in the United States. Yet all this doesn't seem to derail Google's plans.

Google is reportedly willing to spend a considerable quantity on promoting the soon to be launched Android One smartphones in the United States. With this massive support from Google, the mid-level smart device market may just take flight. Now, it's up to the smartphone manufacturers if they agree to take the exact same danger as Google.

In the United States market today, Google is just able to supply a genuine Google Android experience to those customers that are willing to cough up more than $650 for a mobile phone. Introducing Android One phones might target a brand new population density for the tech titan in the United States Market.
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