Lenovo K6 Note review; Mid-end Phone with Stylish Look

Lenovo K6 Note continues previous Lenovo mid-end phone K5 Note with stylish appearance and powered with high-capacity battery.

Lenovo is well-known as brand electronic, including smartphone and laptop, which produces quality device for mid-end and entry level. They have new product that released in the end of 2016 namely Lenovo K6 Note. It is the series of Lenovo K6 which is released at the same time. Meanwhile, as well as K6, K6 Note is also the next generation of its previous series which is Lenovo K5 Note. Although placed in mid-end market, this Lenovo phone has some exciting features.

High-capacity Battery
One of the coolest things of the Lenovo K6 Note is 4000 mAh Li-Po Non-removable battery. It has stand-by time up to 600 hours or about 25 days. Meanwhile, the talk time is up to 46 hours. A phone with jumbo battery is necessary today as the human activity and mobility become more complex. They need a device which can be used for long time without recharging.

Stylish Look
The appearance of Lenovo K6 Note is stylish enough for a mid-end class smartphone. It has 5.5 inches IPS LCD screen. The screen-to-body ratio is good enough with 72.7 % (better than K5 Note). It looks like a premium phone as the screen display FHD resolution with 401 ppi. Aluminum material coated the phone defines such a premium phone. Meanwhile, K6 Note has already featured with fingerprint sensor that mounted on the back below the main camera. Although it is not special, because there are some mid-end phones features with fingerprint too, it adds stylish look of this phone.

Standard Performance
Unfortunately, the appearance doesn’t meet the performance. Lenovo K6 Note only uses Snapdragon 430 from Qualcomm as the chipset. Meanwhile, the CPU Cortex A53 octa-core counts 1.4 GHz. Adreno 505 complete the engine of K6 Note. People should expect more than that Lenovo did on the K6 Note. But, for a mid-end phone priced around $200, that specs is not bad.

This 4G LTE-support phone has 16MP on primary camera and 8MP on secondary. That is good enough for photography use both capturing image and recording video. The memory offered by Lenovo is good enough. Lenovo K6 Note is available in two options of RAM 3GB and 4GB. Meanwhile, they provide 32GB for internal storage. Don’t worry about lack of capacity because there microSD slot that can be used to upgrade the storage capacity up to 256 GB. Lenovo K6 Note is available in three colors. They are Silver, gold and dark grey.
Lenovo K6 Note review; Mid-end Phone with Stylish Look Lenovo K6 Note review; Mid-end Phone with Stylish Look Reviewed by Android Review on January 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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