LG G6: First Flagship Phone from LG to Use Water Resistant?

LG G6 is the next generation of G series that is rumored to use some new features like wireless charging and water resistant.

Another South Korean vendor, LG, is predicted to announce their new flagship phone soon. It may be the next generation of their previous flagship LG G5. It must be named as LG G6. It has been official that LG will launch their new product in WMC Barcelona February 2017. Based on some leaks, this new phone will bring minor improvement compared to previous G5. Let’s see what offered by LG on their new phone.

A unique designed will be applied on LG G6. It is different with usual design of phone; the screen has ultra-wide design with 18:9 aspect ratio. The phone has 5.7 inches showing QHD display that will be comfort for users to play the games and watching movies. The phone will have 564 ppi of pixel density on its screen. The design is stylish enough identically to the premium phone. All the body is coated by metal material.

The rumor said that finger print sensor will be added on this phone. It will be placed below the primary camera. Talking about camera, LG G6 is rumored to use double-lens camera. It looks like iPhone 7. There is no leak about the size of camera. As a flagship phone, the next generation of G5 may use highest chipset today Snapdragon 835. Meanwhile, people are expecting G6 uses latest version of Android which is Android Nougat. What about RAM? There is rumor that say the next LG flagship phone will be applied 4 GB RAM.

Actually, the best can come from LG G6 is some new feature that are not available in previous series. One of the features would be wireless charging. Some top vendors are issued to use that technology in their new phones. The technology will include fast charging feature too. It will recharge battery 50% only in 30 minutes. Based on rumor too, there is no port for audio jack in the new LG phone. They change it with wireless headphone, the same thing that iPhone 7 did.

Could LG G6 apply water resistant technology? I hope so. News from Korea said that the new LG phone will be water resistant. It will be a surprise because it is the first time for LG using that feature. What about the price? There is no clear issue mention that price. But, it may be no significant elevation from its previous edition. It may cost around $600, far lower than other flagship phones.
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