Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Eliminate Home Screen Button for Virtual?

Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the new flagship phone from Samsung that will be released in the first quarter of this year.

Samsung has being success with their latest flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S7. That phone was claimed as the most powerful and stylish phone manufactured by Samsung ever. But, technology is still developing and there is still room for improvement for Samsung. Therefore, they are proudly to announce that they will release the next generation of Galaxy S series. It is the successor of Galaxy S7 which would be named Samsung Galaxy S8. Rumors talking about that phone have been loud in the end of 2016 and early of this year.

Although it is still a rumor and Samsung don’t announce the name of their new phone yet, people were starting to guess that the new phone might be Galaxy S8. That is because leaked by a source from Samsung; their new phone is flagship phone. The rumor becomes more realistic as Samsung always release Galaxy S Series every year since Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2012. The next question must be; where it will be released? As their usual, Samsung may release their new flagship phone in early of 2017 or the first quarter of this year.

New innovation would be added on the n Samsung Galaxy S8 based on rumors. They may make two version of Galaxy S8. Those are differentiated by the size of screen. One has 5.1 inches and another has 5.5 inches. Both are designed in curved screen and may also bezel less. This design is continuing the series of Galaxy Edge that adopted curved screen. Even it could be more sophisticated with virtual home button which was never applied on previous Samsung Galaxy S Series.

Screen resolution, based on rumor again, would be better than Galaxy S7. People will love to see significant improvement of Samsung Galaxy S8 use 4K screen resolution. But, they must be patient for a while because Samsung will prefer to keep QHD resolution for their new flagship phone. Better quality of screen is shown in its pixel density which would be 801 ppi. That resolution will produce amazing display even when it is used in Gear VR made by Samsung too.

There is no further information about the processor and memory will be applied in Samsung Galaxy S8. If there are some improvements, it could be powered with most powerful processor today Snapdragon 830. They may also include 6 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM or more. What about the price? It may cost around US $850.
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