Will ‘bezel-less’ be the big smartphone design trend of 2017?

Throughout the past couple of years, several smartphone makers have decided to go the "larger is better" path in terms of smartphone style. Samsung as well as various other firms started introducing phones with 5-inch display screens a couple of years earlier, which was taken into consideration by several users and movie critics to be as well large for people to deal with. Nowadays, we see 5-inch screens starting to end up being the baseline for mobile phones, with 5.5-inch as well as 5.7-inch screens ending up being more and more usual. We have actually also seen phones go also higher, approximately 6.4-inches for the recently-launched Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.

Nevertheless, in the race for bigger displays, there additionally comes a time where the smart devices themselves are additionally growing because of this. Lots of people could stand up to putting in a phone with a display larger than 5.7-inches merely because they could not comfortably manage them in their hand or place them in their pants pocket.

It would appear that 2017 might see smart device business generate an option that guarantees to provide large display screens without enhancing the total mass of the phone. That remedy: bezel-less mobile phones.

A look back, and a look forward

Near bezel-less screens on phones are nothing brand-new, naturally, despite the fact that they haven't made their way to the mainstream quite yet. We initially started seeing an increase of bezel-less phones appear a couple of years earlier, from firms like OPPO as well as Sharp. After that in 2015, Samsung introduced the (sort of) bezel-less Galaxy S6 Edge to the masses. While the S6 Side might have only showcased little-to-no bezel on the left as well as right sides of the gadget, the top as well as base still showcased as much bezel as you 'd see on any other smartphone. Later on in the year, the S6 Side+ involved market with a comparable design language, and also 2016's S7 Edge did the exact same.

Currently, we're starting to see some evidence that the near-to-no bezel design will get into the mainstream. Xiaomi released its Mi MIX concept phone in late 2016 in China, which nearly removed bezels on the top, left and right sides entirely. This obtained a significant reaction worldwide, although the phone itself is not slated to be made available outside of its native country. Xiaomi also went so far to launch a brand new White color version at CES 2017, hinting that this bezel-less phone job isn't simply a one-off thing.

Xiaomi's bezel-less phones typically aren't the only ones making headlines lately. The Samsung Galaxy S8 report mill has been in full force over the past few weeks, as well as among the extra intriguing reports to appear lately is this brand-new purported image of the Galaxy S8's display screen shell. If this leakage turns out to be actual, the S8 will have essentially no bezel on its left as well as right sides. This would certainly seem yet one more change for the Galaxy S lineup, however it's likewise something of a development for the phones, as previous Galaxy S versions have actually been made with smaller sized bezels.

The Galaxy S8 may have some competitors in this room, though. Reports concerning the upcoming LG G6 seem to recommend it won't have much of a bezel for its screen, either. The screen is additionally expected to have an 18:9 facet ratio, as compared to the normal 16:9 format. That suggests LG intends to have a various idea for the G6 display screen, and also combining a taller screen with not much bezel can produce an extremely intriguing look for the phone in general.

On top of that, the mystical phone that's being developed by a start-up goinged by Android owner Andy Rubin is also rumored to have an edge-to-edge screen. Rubin's firm is reported to be called Essential as well as this brand-new phone is expected to be its front runner gadget, one of a family of connected home and mobile products. Undoubtedly, Rubin has a lot of experience in the Android market, so if he thinks an edge-to-edge display on a smart device is a great idea, it probably is.

Reports are additionally can be found in that a minimum of one design for Apple's apple iphone 8 might release with a larger bent display, which could get rid of most of the bezel boundaries. The reports fixate how Apple intends to make use of OLED screens in the iPhone 8, with some records declaring that the business will introduce a premium 5.8-inch version with a wraparound screen. We still have numerous months prior to the iPhone 8 launches, so it's feasible Apple could stick to its 4.7-inch as well as 5.5-inch versions for the following iPhone. Nevertheless, the prospect of an edge-to-edge display for a costs iPhone currently has Apple fans inflated.

All of these devices with their close to bezel-less styles have yet to be confirmed, certainly, so there's no other way of informing if the majority of the most prominent smart devices will certainly introduce with this design cue or not. We'll eventually need to wait up until each one of these gadgets are formally introduced, yet there does seem to be quite a bit of proof that "bezel-less" will be the large design trend of 2017.
Will ‘bezel-less’ be the big smartphone design trend of 2017? Will ‘bezel-less’ be the big smartphone design trend of 2017? Reviewed by Android Review on January 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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