Xiaomi Mi 6; No Design Improvement but Surprising Features

Xiaomi Mi 6 will be mid-end phone from Xiaomi which has futuristic features and powerful processor.

Xiaomi surprised most people in the world since they started to manufacture smartphone in 2012. Today, Xiaomi becomes the serious competitor for giant vendors in technology. It has become the best smartphone in their local, China. Not only local, Xiaomi expands their market to International. With their low-cost products (not low-end or entry level phone) but good quality, Xiaomi are success to worry domination of Samsung and Apple. In this year, they plan to produce some new phones. One of them is Xiaomi Mi 6. We know its predecessor Xiaomi Mi 5 and it is the successor.

The phone may be released in March 2017. Based on rumor, this phone will be powered with the highest chipset from Qualcomm which is Snapdragon 835. That is claimed as the best chipset today with powerful ability and also more saving energy. Xiaomi Mi 6 will have the best camera phone in the world if they realize 23 MP of primary camera and 10 MP of secondary as the photography feature of the new Xiaomi phone. The camera resolution is even better than upcoming Galaxy 8 and iPhone 8.

Some new futuristic features are predicted to empower Xiaomi Mi 6. The most shocking issue is wireless charging and retina eye scanner. Those features are very rare applied in the smartphone at least until today. Xiaomi may be the pioneer of them. It is annoying to hear that there is no major change or significant improvement on the phone design. We will not see a bezel less phone like Xiaomi Mi Mix. The design will be like a continuing the previous series Xiaomi Mi 5.

But, a source told a good new that new Xiaomi Mi will have 4K UHD display. The screen will be bigger than before. There could be 5.2 inches or 5.5 inches. This is really a good new surely. To have a phone with 4K display is something special. Xiaomi Mi 6 will provide large storage whether RAM or ROM. It has been predicted that the phone will bring 4 GB AM and 64GB ROM upgradeable up to 256 GB.

There are still rooms for change about the feature and specification brought by Xiaomi Mi 6. All you read above is just rumor. But, some of them could be happen. We just have to wait until March (maybe later). The price is also not official. But, some experts predict Mi 6 will be tagged around $400.
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