iPhone 8: A Bezel-less Phone with Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 is the next generation of iPhone series predicted to release in public in the end of this year bringing some futuristic features.
One of the most waited phones in the world is iPhone. Apple introduces iPhone at the very first time in 2007. This year is the 10 th anniversary of iPhone. 2017 must be the year for Apple showing their greatness in the phone market. Having success with iPhone 7 series, now, Apple is ready to surprise the market with the next generation of Apple; iPhone 8. What’s new brought in the latest iPhone Series?

There are some rumors that new iPhone will be sophisticated. We know that Apple always takes innovations in their new product. There could be big innovation or low innovation. Last year, we see something new in phone technology which is dual-camera technology applied in iPhone 7. That innovation is the first in the world. But, it is not major different to its predecessor iPhone 6. Some major changes are expected to come in iPhone 8. The most interesting may be the ‘edge-to- edge’ design. It means new iPhone will have no bezel, physical front camera and of course home button.

If the design is realized, the home button and front camera will be available in virtual. Besides that futuristic design, new iPhone 8 is also expected to use glass material for its body. Surely, it is new innovation considering before today, premium phones only use metal body. Not only appearance and physical design that will be applied in new iPhone, new features could be added too. What are they? Based on rumor, the screen will be adopted with OLED. That screen is supposed to show softer and sharper display.

If the previous series of Apple Phone (iPhone 7) eliminated the 3.5 audio jack port, replacing it with wireless handsfree, iPhone 8 is predicted to have awesome feature which is wireless charging. It is very new in world phone constellation. Is it possible? All are still possible as we know that Apple has got leading innovation in this field. New processor, as usual, will be planted in this new iPhone obviously. Everybody knows that Apple always owers their new phone with new processor.

We may see A11 processor inside the iPhone 8. That is faster processor than A10 planted in iPhone 7. Rumor hasn’t said the storage will be offered by Apple. As usual, Apple may releases new iPhone in different storage capacity. Based on iPhone 7, minimum storage available in the lowest variant could be 64 GB and the highest would be 256 GB. The price is predicted above the last iPhone but not significant.
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